The Problem

Emotions are powerful.

When we avoid, distract, numb, escape — the problem never goes away, and we wind up compounding it.

We numb and escape with substances, like alcohol and drugs. We hide and distract by working all the time because its expected and rewarded. We hurt ourselves by exercising too much or eating unhealthily. We buy feelings with shopping. We check out with fantasy, have affairs and emotional relationships, or rely on porn for that rush.

We keep secrets.  From ones we love and care about, from ourselves. We tell ourselves “its not a problem, its not affecting me”.

I call bullshit.  Secrets are what makes us, and keeps us, sick.

Take the time, make the investment — in you. You can’t be whole and complete for anyone else, like your kids or partner, or anyone else you love and care about — until you take care of you.

A guide for healthy, authentic living