Raising health with radical authenticity

Welcome to the world of authentic living, being the best version of yourself you can.  You’re perfectly human…

“Be a man”

Guys get stuff thrust on them ever since we were kids.  Don’t cry, guys don’t do that, dude you’re being weird. When we get hurt, we’re taught to shake it off, suck it up, move on. We’re told by society and others what to do and what makes a man: Be strong for her. Be the best father. And so many other messages….

Ah, the roles guys must play…. No wonder men keep secrets, or are afraid to show someone who they really are (weaknesses and vulnerabilities included). Images have to be kept up, the mask of having the answers, keeping everything together, knowing what is best. Its our job as the leader, be the strong one. Be the rock.

There’s one problem with this — we’re human.  And human have emotions and feelings. And in many cases we don’t know what those feelings or emotions are, or how they are impacting us.  Sometimes we never really understand what do to with them, we were never taught how to accept and manage them.

One thing commonly taught to us:  stuff them, definitely don’t show them, and don’t even acknowledge them.  Problem is — like a beach ball you try to hold under water, it will always pop up somewhere else, sometimes explosive.

Pair this up with the kiss of death:  the “should’s” and the “supposed to’s”.  We’re supposed to do this, and should be doing that. Many times this leads down a path of chasing things, modeling and following what we learned from our parents or friends… and we get through life trying to follow the perfect script. At some point, we discover we don’t feel happy — and wonder why we feel “broken” or as if something is wrong. We may even be soothing or numbing, relying on something outside of us to make ourselves happy.

Let’s clean this up.

Its time to stop following a script, doing what others are telling you, relook at what makes up your happiness. Take a look at what’s going on in your life, with the focus on what feels right to you.

Let’s take the journey to being authentic.  Address and deal with stuff that comes up instead of ignoring, avoiding, numbing, and escaping.

Feel free to peruse here for different ways to put the focus on your happiness, without needing anything external to make you feel different. There’s lots of resources here, take what you like and leave the rest. It is my hope you find what you’re looking. And please share.

A guide for healthy, authentic living